We want our community to experience true life—the vibrancy of God’s Kingdom bringing joy and hope, new life spreading through neighborhoods as the Gospel transforms lives. Picture a lifeless desert bursting into bloom; a dormant orchard springing to life with color and vibrancy. That is what Jesus does—he brings life—and it is what he calls us into. So we each take personal responsibility to be actively involved in the lives of neighbors, coworkers, and classmates—to love and engage our ONE.

This is not about just coming to church. It is about making disciples. It is God’s Kingdom spreading in and through us, bringing life from death. If we are going to experience the vivid transformation we envision, we need to grow deep, healthy roots that will feed real growth. To do that, we will put every effort toward passionate discipleship by continuing to hone a clear, intentional path of spiritual development to ensure no one becomes stagnant in their growth.

Within this disciple-making mission, we have a particular heart for the next generations. We love kids and students and are committed to doing everything we can to reach these next generations for Christ. We are investing our resources to make an eternal impact in the lives of these students—developing ministries to connect with students, grow them in the Gospel, develop them as leaders, and partner with them as they live on mission to their peers. We envision whole families transformed. God’s Kingdom spreading in the next generation and beyond—changing the narrative of listlessness and apathy to passion and purpose.

Trinity has a long history of passion for Gospel proclamation and a desire to raise up the next generation for Christ, sacrificing to reach more people with the Gospel. We see the need for that now more than ever. We are praying for God to use us to bring the new life of his Kingdom into our community—each one of us committed to growing strong Gospel roots that grow Kingdom fruit, spreading new life into every corner of Mason County, making more and stronger disciples of Jesus to transform a community. Will you join this movement? Let’s take risks together; let’s pray and act boldly for God’s Kingdom. Eternity is at stake.


Our core values are the deep commitments we hold that shape our ministry decisions:

Gospel truth not human wisdom.

God reveals the Gospel through Scripture, so the Bible is authoritative over us. Because of this, we are committed to biblical teaching and expository preaching that proclaims the Gospel of God’s grace and consistently exposes legalism, license, and all false gods.

Outward not inward.

The Gospel is good news to be announced, so we aspire to reject passivity and boldly witness to God’s great work, taking intentional steps every day to actively proclaim the good news to those with whom we come into contact.

Spirit-empowered not human-powered.

The Gospel is from start to finish the story of God’s great work. Rather than relying on our own ingenuity, we prayerfully seek God’s direction, rely on God’s power, and trust in God’s providence.

Real relationships not superficiality. 

We are sinners saved by God’s grace. That means that we are free to stop pretending to be perfect people so that we can become a deep, authentic community. 

Impact not activity. 

It is much easier to be busy than it is to be effective. We are committed to faithfully striving for growth, so we will shape our ministries intentionally for growth and guard against busyness.