• Gary Ridley

    Senior Pastor

    I joined the Trinity family in June of 2010. My wife, Emily, and I came to Ludington from Wheaton, Illinois, where we lived during college and seminary (Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, respectively). We both call Alaska home and tend to miss the Wrangell Mountains with some frequency.

    My family is my great joy. My wife and I have four children, and we love watching them grow and learn. They are truly delightful. We enjoy living next to Lake Michigan and try to spend as much time as possible in Ludington State Park. Hiking, kayaking, and camping are matched by hockey, basketball, and reading as my main recreation interests.

    The real reason we are here, though, is because we want to be part of a great work of God. I believe that the Gospel—the good news that God sent Jesus to save the world—is a powerful message that changes everything. It kills me to see so many hurting people, broken families, and listless young adults in our community. I believe the root answer to these problems is finding healing, wholeness, and purpose in the Gospel of Jesus. Because of that, I very badly want people to know and experience God's love. My call and desire is to proclaim good news, and my confidence is that God will powerfully shine the light of his salvation into our community.

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  • Nolan COCKE

    worship Pastor

    I joined the Trinity staff and family in August of 2018, and it’s my joy to serve as worship pastor. I’m excited for the opportunity to work alongside Gospel-centered leaders, and a church with a heartbeat for the mission of making more effective disciples of Jesus Christ. My passion is to help the Church sing songs with depth and richness in the Gospel, pointing us towards Jesus and spurring us towards a passionate commitment to sharing the greatest News the world will ever hear.


    Born and raised in mid-Michigan, my wife and I love west-Michigan living. We especially enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan and having access to the amazing beaches here in Ludington is a great perk. We also look forward to the bustle of the city during the summer months once the seasonal folks arrive. Stacie and I have two children, Cecilia and Isaac, and 2 dogs (Kinchlow & Casper), a bunny (Buddy), and bunch of chickens. We love going to the beach, exploring and traveling to various places, and also snuggling up at home with a family movie or game night. 


    Stacie and I are licensed foster parents, and at times we get the privilege of caring for children and their families for extended periods of time. While we don’t like seeing families struggle to the point where foster care or adoption is necessary, we see it as an opportunity to display the Gospel to those who are hurting and in need of great love and grace. We are passionate about serving others in this way, and also for raising awareness of foster care/adoption and equipping other families towards becoming foster or adoptive parents.

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    I’ve been serving at Trinity as Family Ministry Pastor since July 2022. My wife, Jen, and I may never get over the fact that we get to live in Ludington. We have four kids – Vivian, Eleanor, Caleb, and Jayne. Over the years Hansel (a rabbit) and Howie (a cat) have also joined our crew. As a family we love to make the most of the small things in life, from bike rides to Lake Michigan sunsets to singing 80s and 90s songs at the top of our lungs in the car.


    My role here at Trinity is to equip individual families, and our church family at large, to reach generation after generation with the truth of God’s love in Jesus Christ. It’s an honor to serve alongside such a talented and dedicated staff, and to serve in a congregation who so clearly demonstrate the love of Jesus for the Ludington community.


    If you’re searching for a church family where your kids can flourish, or you’d like to talk about the difference the gospel can make in your family, I’d be glad to connect with you!

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