Before Jesus left His disciples and ascended into heaven, Jesus commanded them to go and make disciples of all nations. (See Matthew 28:18-20 for example.) One way that we work towards making MORE and STRONGER disciples of Jesus is by financially and prayerfully supporting missionaries who minister to the lost around the world. 

  • Keith & Judy Anderson

    Reach Global/Prometa

    Keith and Judy serve in ProMETA through ReachGlobal. ProMETA is an equipping ministry which targets Spanish-speaking leaders all over the world. The programs include both formal and non-formal training using both online technologies and face-to-face teaching methods. The majority of the students study in one of the two master’s programs: Biblical Theology or Christian Leadership. Leaders in the program live in 24 countries of the world. The Andersons now live in Chicago where Keith serves as the Director of ProMETA.

    Visit ProMETA's website. Email Keith & Judy.

  • josh & Katie Goshert

    Wycliffe Bible Translators - Solomon Islands

    The Gosherts are serving the Solomon Islands where they will work with Wycliffe Bible Translators to bring God's Word to people in their own language. Josh works as the Operations Manager at the head quarters for the Solomon Island Translation Advisory Group (SITAG), which is the center for overseeing translation efforts across the country. He works for the Area Director of the Solomons, helping provide administrative leadership at the center and logistics and communications support for the teams of international and national translators living in the villages throughout the country. 

    Visit the Goshert's blog

  • Todd & Kristi Hiltibran


    Todd and Kristi serve with ReachGlobal in Hungary. Todd is an area leader for Europe; he works to build partnerships among Christians throughout the region for the sake of the Gospel. Kristi is elementary principle at the International Christian School of Budapest.

    Visit Todd's blog. Visit ReachGlobal's website. Email Todd & Kristi.



    Ted and Juli work with ProMETA, an online school for Spanish-speaking pastors and Christian leaders in Latin America and Spain. Most churches in the region lack pastors with serious training. ProMETA multiplies solid churches by training Latin Americans to equip other pastors and missionaries. The Kautzmanns worked in Peru and Venezuela before moving to Costa Rica in 1999 to found ProMETA, which now has 20 staff and more than 100 students in 15 countries. Ted is the former dean and currently mentoring the new dean. He is also a teacher in the school. The Kautzmanns also work on a team to plant a church among Hispanic people.

    Visit ProMETA's website. Email Ted & Juli.

  • Matt & Laurie Krieg

    hole in my heart ministries

    The Kriegs founded Hole in My Heart Ministries with the vision to equip Jesus-followers to navigate issues with the love and truth of Jesus and the Gospel. They live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

    To learn more about their ministry, please visit their website.


    ripe for harvest

    Marlan and Mercedes work with Ripe For Harvest, planting a church in Zaragoza, Spain.

    Visit Ripe For Harvest's website. Email Marlan. Email Mercedes. Visit their blog


    Springhill Camps

    Molly serves the Kingdom through SpringHill Camps where she serves as the Chief Experience Officer. SpringHill exists to create experiences that enable young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through His message of grace, hope, and love. Everything they do focuses on teaching these messages to kids through faith and fun.

    To learn more, visit www.springhillexperiences.com.

  • Jamaica Ministry


    Trinity Church has a longstanding relationship with the people of Whitehouse, Jamaica. We've taken several teams of people over the years on short-term mission trips that aim to make more and stronger disciples among the people of Whitehouse by serving them in a variety of ways including building projects, meeting basic needs and necessities, and sharing the gospel with love and compassion.