Our Life Group ministry exists to provide Christ-centered community for people inside and outside of the church. Life Groups come in all different shapes and sizes with the same goal: growing in Christ together. We need Jesus, and we need each other. 

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Life Group Values

  • Scripture

    The truth of the Bible changes lives. Through his Word, God shows us who he really is, who we really are, what he is doing in the world, and how we fit into that good plan. As we hear these truths, we grow to trust God and love him more than anything else, and this experience of God transforms every part of our lives. Because of this, the Bible is an irreplaceable means of growing to be a stronger disciple of Jesus. Life Groups are rooted in getting God’s Word into our everyday lives so we can know God and become his people equipped for his mission.

  • Prayer

    Prayer makes our relationship with God real. The holy God who created all things invites ordinary people like us to talk to him just as we are. We do not have to get into the right frame of mind or find the right words to say; we simply pour out our hearts to God. When we do this in community, we hear one another’s hearts, we learn to care for one another, and we find ourselves growing in Christ together. Life Groups bring us into a community of prayer where we can express our need for God in every part of our lives.

  • Community

    Community is where we find a place to belong. Superficial relationships abound, but when we stop pretending to be perfect people, we discover the beauty of deep friendship. God calls the church together in all of its diversity to become united by our common love for Jesus and the mission to which he calls us. In the context of life together, we learn to apply the truths of the Gospel in the struggle of everyday life and to live as God’s people in the world. Life Groups foster an atmosphere where true community can grow.

  • Multiplication

    Multiplication means the church is effectively accomplishing its mission of making disciples. As a gospel-centered community we realize two things: God saved us and he sent us. We not only build each other up towards further maturity in Christ, but we pursue every opportunity to make disciples wherever we go. We are not content to stay where we are, but desire both to grow ourselves as well as to grow others. Life Groups strive together to make an eternal impact on our friends and neighbors as we pursue Jesus' mission together.

  • Contact

    If you would like to know more about our Life Groups, if you are interested in joining one, or if you are interested in potentially leading or co-leading, please contact the group coordinator by email or calling our office (231) 843-4635.