How was the target amount of $300,000 determined?

We started by evaluating our current facility needs and key improvements that would enhance both the functionality and appeal of our building. Being serious and intentional about this mission requires that we make our facility the best asset it can be to support the work. We don’t want anything to get in the way of our ONEs hearing about Jesus; we want our facilitiy to be a place where they feel welcome and want to come. Also, our growing ministries have growing needs, and we want to make sure each ministry has what it needs to thrive. Estimates were developed for these renovations and an analysis was done on our giving history to see if raising the estimated $300,000 was feasible for our church. The analysis indicated that the goal is achievable and consistent with our giving history.

Why are we doing this now?

We believe that God is clearly at work in our church. In the last couple of years, there are many young families and other new faces who are making Trinity Church their home. Our children’s program is swelling as the number of children and students continues to grow (almost doubling from 25 to 46 in two years). More and more people are hearing about Christ and we are moving to two services to accommodate the increase. This is already stretching the functionality of our facility, and we realize that our work is far from over. Each one of us knows people who are right now living apart from Christ, and we need our church to be ready to welcome them and help them develop a life-changing relationship with Jesus. We are at a critical point in our growth and cannot afford to wait to get started.

We own land on US-10. Why not spend this money to build there? What are the plans for the US-10 site?

In January 2018 the elder board recommended selling the US-10 parcel before the full payment was due in 2019. Members voted in majority in favor of the recommendation and expansion efforts will be focused at the current Monona site. 

When will work start and how long will it take?

Work on the sanctuary was completed in December 2018. Plans for the lower level are being solidified now with the hopes of beginning construction in May or June so the space is ready to go in September for the re-launch of Kids Church! 

How many people will we be able to accommodate once the work is finished?

With the renovations we are undertaking and multiple services, we anticipate being able to accommodate 350 adults and 100 kids on a Sunday morning. That means this work would give us space to double in size.

Is this considered part of my “tithe” to the church?

No. We believe in the biblical concept of tithing (giving 10% of income to support God’s work). Giving to the ONE mission should be over and above your tithe or regular giving to the church. If you are not yet financially supporting the church, we encourage you to start by giving to the regular budget.